Frequently Asked Questions


I am trying to redeem my code and it's not working?

If you have a online flash sale redemption code such as Groupon or Living Social, please make sure you are registered and putting a redemption code into the Voucher Code field, NOT the Certificate code field. Click 'Apply Coupon', and you will see the value of your code taken off your total. The Certificate code field is for Gift Certificates only. In addition, you must register on our website in order to apply a redemption code to your order.

If you have an expired voucher code, please email us your voucher or voucher # to customerservice@masonrow.com and you will recieve a new valid code for the amount you paid. We cannot honor any expired codes for the full value, but we will issue you a new code for the PAID value.

If you have a redemption code from a Personalized Gift Box item, please redeem your code on redeem.masonrow.com.


I selected my design, personalized it, and went to check out and my shopping cart is empty. What happened to my design?

Our software requires that your browser accepts cookies to be able to complete the purchase of your personalized stamp. Please make sure that your browser does not block cookies.


Do I have to register in order to check out?

We do need customers to register, so that our system can send you update emails when orders are received and shipped.


I have two or more Voucher codes to redeem. It applied one, but why won't it apply the second code at checkout?

Unfortunately our system can only accept one discount/voucher code per order. Multiple redemption codes must be redeemed as separate orders, or email customerservice@masonrow.com with your groupon redemption codes prior to your purchase and we will combine them into one code for you so you only have to pay shipping once.

Additionally, we can only accept one promotional offer code per purchase. So please choose wisely.


My credit card statement shows that I was billed by Royal Acme. Is that Mason Row?

Yes. Mason Row is owned and operated by Royal Acme.


Can I order different ink colors for my Single Self-Inker or Trio Self-Inker?

Yes! The 10 colors we offer for Traditional Self-Inkers/Trios are: Midnight Black, Mocha Brown, Mediterranean Blue, Blueberry, Candy Apple Red, Cool Mint,Purple Rain, Sunset Orange, Wintergreen & Passion Pink.

You can order them here: http://www.masonrow.com/colored-inks

These are interchangeable in all single as well as the new trio traditional self-inking stamps as of July 2014.



How do I switch out my Self-Inker's ink pad to use a different color?

First, hold the two buttons found on the sides of the stamp down as you slowly push down on the stamp. You will hear/feel a click as the stamp locks into the first changing pad position. You will now be able to carefully slide your stamp pad out with your finger. Slide the new ink pad in (remember, inked side down), and push it into place. Before you release the locked position, push down on your stamp all the way while holding the red buttons again....you will hear/feel another click and now you can clean you rubber design with a rubber stamp cleaner or just a paper towel will suffice. This cleaning step is not necessary, but it helps keep your new ink pad color clean. Once you clean the surface, you can push down on the stamp to release the lock, and stamp away! 


How do I switch out my Trio designs?

Our Trios are super easy to interchange the 3 designs. Pull out the design you want to use out of your storage stay and lay it down on a table or flat surface. Position the stamp over the die and press down. The die will snap into position and will be ready to use.


I own the discontinued Trio-the one with 3 designs stored right in the unit itself... how do I order more trays?

No problem! We have discontinued the old version of the Trio as of July 2014, but you can still order more trays for it if you email us your order directly to Customer Service at customerservice@masonrow.com.


How long will these stamps last?

All of our stamps are made to last years, and thousands of uses. The Traditional & Retro Self-Inkers typically lasts 800 to 1000 impressions, depending on the material it is being stamped on (some being more absorbent then others). If yours is defective in any way, please let us know immediately.


How do I store the additional ink pad (for Traditional Self-Inkers)?

If you take the black ink pad out to use a different color, please put the cap from the additional ink pad on the black ink pad not in use. This will help keep it from drying out as you use the colored ink pad. Placing the extra pad in a ziploc baggie may increase the longevity of your ink pad as well.


Can I buy other ink colors for the Retro Self-Inking Stamp besides the black ink pad it comes with?

Yes! If you order a Retro stamp and another color ink pad, the ink pad sent to you will match the product on your order.


If I upload my own custom art, what part of the design will print?

The BLACK PART of the art you submit will be the part that prints. So please do not submit reversed or inverted art.


If I live in Alaska or Hawaii, which shipping method should I choose?

Because we ship Surepost (Standard Shipping), orders going to Alaska or Hawaii aren't guaranteed to get there if you choose the standard $9.95 Continental U.S. shipping method. Please choose the '


How long will my order take to ship?

Your stamp will be made within 2 weeks, but please remember to add an additional 5-7 days for shipping depending on your location. We ship from Cleveland, Ohio.


How do I insert my embosser die in the unit? How do I "lock" & "unlock" my embosser?

Please follow the instructions illustrated below to unlock your embosser.